Dental Crowns in Bolingbrook, IL

Dental Crowns in Bolingbrook, IL

The most versatile dental restoration piece that our dentists work with is the dental crown. Crowns can help protect teeth with damage from tooth decay after root canals, or they can “cap” teeth when patients want to improve their appearance. Crowns also support teeth when they become part of a bridge. Here is what to expect when getting crowns.

Taking Dental Impressions

Whether you’ve had a root canal or want crowns to improve how your teeth look, it’s vital that the crowns fit well. To ensure that they do, one of our dentists in Sonrisa Dental + Orthodontics of Bolingbrook will take impressions of your teeth. Instead of using molded impressions, our dentists in Bolingbrook, IL will scan your teeth and send the scans to our dental laboratory.

The lab will then examine the scans and manufacture your crowns. While they are making your crowns, our dentist will need to prepare the tooth or teeth that are getting the crowns. If it’s a tooth with damage from decay or trauma, they may place a temporary crown over the tooth to protect it until the crown is back from the lab and then bond it in place.

Teeth that are getting crowns to help improve their appearance will need trimming so that the crowns fit snuggly over the teeth. The crowns are permanent, so when they get placed over your teeth, our dentists at Sonrisa Dental + Orthodontics of Bolingbrook will bond them in place.

After preparing the teeth, you will go home to let your teeth heal and then come back when the crowns arrive from the lab.

Bonding the Crowns

Our dentist near you in Bolingbrook, IL will examine your teeth, and he or she may clean them before placing the crowns on them. Then, our dentist will make sure the crowns fit your teeth properly. If necessary, they may remove more of your tooth or teeth before using dental cement to bond them.

After hardening the cement with ultraviolet light, our dentists at Sonrisa Dental + Orthodontics of Bolingbrook in Bolingbrook, IL will polish the crowns, give you aftercare instructions, and then you’re free to go home and show off your great looking teeth.

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