Fluoride Treatment in Bolingbrook, IL

Fluoride Treatment in Bolingbrook, IL

Maintain your child’s oral hygiene and dental health from infancy. Sonrisa Dental + Orthodontics of Bolingbrook recommends that parents bring their children for their dental visit when their first tooth erupts.

Risk of Tooth Decay in Children

Children are more likely to indulge in eating sugary foods, candies, and sweets compared to adults. Also, they may not be able to brush their teeth thoroughly on a daily basis. Food particles become trapped between teeth and cause bacteria to spread and grow in the nooks and crannies.

The bacteria release acid that eventually eats away at dental enamel and creates small holes known as cavities. The cavity is the space that remains when acid has eaten away a tooth. Even though baby teeth eventually fall and give way to permanent teeth, cavities can impact dental development at a later stage.

Taking your child to a dentist near you can help prevent the spread of caries. Our friendly experts will carefully examine your children for signs of decay, infection, and cavities.

Fluoride Treatment in Bolingbrook, IL Helps Prevent Decay

The dentist will apply a coat of fluoride varnish on every tooth, which quickly hardens. This varnish feels sticky initially, but children cannot lick it away once it hardens. It has a pleasant taste which children like and your child can brush his or her teeth after about 5 to 7 hours.

The varnish is a type of special treatment that can strengthen tooth enamel, slow down decay, or prevent decay from getting worse. The procedure is completely painless and takes only a few minutes to complete.

At times, the child’s teeth may appear dull yellow after the treatment. However, Sonrisa Dental + Orthodontics of Bolingbrook suggests that the teeth will revert back to their natural color after brushing. Fluoride treatments in Bolingbrook, IL can be given 2 to 4 times a year; children who are at higher risk of cavities may need more frequent treatment.

Regular brushing and flossing help keep your child’s teeth in mint condition. Encourage your child to eat a healthy, balanced diet while minimizing the consumption of sugary foods and drinks. Contact us for an appointment today.

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