Pediatric Dentistry in Bolingbrook, IL

Pediatric Dentistry in Bolingbrook, IL

The world can be a big, scary place when you’re a little kid, especially when a stranger is probing and prodding in your mouth. However, with the help of our pediatric dentistry, we can allay your child’s fear and make it easier for them to come to the dentist’s office for their bi-annual check-ups.

Why Children Fear Dentists

Many times, the fear of the dentist comes about from the stories that kids have heard from their peers or their parents. Even though they may have a great dentist and their teeth are healthy, the stories they’ve heard can make them fear going to their dentists.

Fortunately, this is a fear that many kids can overcome with the help of one of our dentists at Sonrisa Dental + Orthodontics of Bolingbrook. In some cases, their fear is exacerbated because the child feels like he or she doesn’t have any control while sitting in the dental chair.

To help alleviate that fear, our dentists in Bolingbrook, IL give some control back to their young patients by asking them to raise their hands if they feel any pain doing the procedure. If your child’s hand goes up, then our caring dentist will immediately stop what they are doing, giving the child a sense of control over what is happening to him or her.

Fear of Pain

Often the main fear that kids have, that many adults also deal with, is the fear of feeling pain during a procedure. Unfortunately, pain is part of the dental experience, but with sedation and mouth-numbing medications, it’s possible to make many treatments pain-free.

Parents can also help their children overcome their fear of their dentists by not waiting too long in between appointments. A bi-annual appointment is vital for keeping teeth healthy, which reduces the need for painful procedures.

By making sure your child visits our dentists every six months, you are helping put their fears to rest, as well as ensuring the health of their teeth. A small child shouldn’t need to fear going to their dentist, and with the help of our pediatric dentists, we can eliminate that fear.

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