Smile Makeovers in Bolingbrook, IL

Smile Makeovers in Bolingbrook, IL

At Sonrisa Dental + Orthodontics of Bolingbrook in Bolingbrook, IL, we care about giving our patients the smiles they deserve. Why live feeling self-conscious about your smile? Thanks to recent advances in the world of dentistry, we can now give you a smile to be proud of and celebrate.

At Sonrisa Dental + Orthodontics of Bolingbrook, we have a team of experts who are more than familiar with smile makeovers. A smile makeover isn’t a single procedure. It consists of whitening, implants, bridges, crowns, and more. Fortunately, we have experience with all of these procedures here and can use them to your advantage.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly done procedures in dentistry. It’s part of smile makeovers because it can change the appearance of a yellow or dark smile into a bright one. Many people hide their smiles because their teeth are yellow or not as bright as those of other people.

Teeth whitening can eliminate this issue so you can enjoy yourself and life as much as possible. While you’ll find teeth whitening products to use at home, it’s always better to have it done at a dental office. People should at least consult a dentist and receive professional advice on how to whiten their teeth at home.

Implants and Bridges

Missing teeth stand out and can even make people anxious in social situations. We lose teeth for many reasons. These include trauma, infections, and other systemic conditions. There’s no reason you should condemn yourself to living with a missing tooth. Thanks to implants and bridges, we have successful means of restoring missing teeth.

Dental implants rely on attaching a titanium screw to your jawbone then loading the screw with a false tooth. Implants look almost identical to natural teeth and are impossible to distinguish. They’re also durable and can last a lifetime.

Dental bridges used to be our favorite method of dental restoration before implants came along. The problem with bridges is that they rely on adjacent teeth for support. Implants, on the other hand, are attached directly to the jawbone and don’t need support from surrounding teeth.

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